2007 [8 Aug] Establishment of HANA GnS
2008 [10 Aug] Certified as a venture company [KIBO Technology Fund]
2009 [10 Dec] Expanded and Moved to Gasul-ri, Daesan-myeon, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si (Current location)
[30 Dec] Best Tool Maker Award [Whirlpool of India Ltd.]
2010 [15 Mar] Achieved ISO 9001 Certification
[15 Mar] Achieved ISO 14001 Certification
[30 Nov] Won the $5 million Export Tower Award - Received export award from Korean President
[25 Dec] Selected as the Promising Export Firm [Small & Medium Business Administration of Korea]
2011 [30 Jan] Plaque of Appreciation Award [LG Electronic Poland Plant]
[2 Apr] Changwon Times Published the Article for instruction of Technical SMEs
[10 May] Korean Trade Association Published the Story of Success in the May issue of the "International TRADE"
[30 May] Changwon Internet Broadcast - Video Coverage of Technical SMEs
[10 Aug] Selected Promising Small and Middle Sized Company [Kyongnam Bank]
[6 Dec] PATENT (Registration No. :1010932470000) [Curling Machine]
2012 [3 Apr] PATENT (Registration No. :1011352480000) [Beading Machine]
[3 Jul] PATENT (Registration No. :1011643240000) [Apparatus for Processing a Metal Plate]
[3 Jul] PATENT (Registration No. :1011643250000)
[Bending Machine and Method for Processing a Metal Plate using Bending Machine]
[20 Aug] Confirmed Technical Innovation of SME [INNO-BIZ]
2013 [17 Nov] Gyeongnam TP - Singapore SCCCI Economic Cooperation Conference Event
2014 [30 Jan] Plaque of Social Contribution [Mayor of Changwon]
[9 Jul] PATENT (Registration No. :1014200480000) [Bending method using bending apparatus]
[9 Jul] PATENT (Registration No. :1014200450000) [Apparatus for bending]
[9 Jul] PATENT (Registration No. :1014200460000) [Press apparatus for steel sheet of multi standard]
[20 Jul] Customs Approved Registered Export for Korea-EU FTA
[11 Aug] PATENT (Registration No. :1014313370000) [Roll Former]
[2 Sep] PATENT (Registration No. :1014396430000) [Roll Former and control method thereof]
2015 [25 Jun] Customs Approved Registered Export for Korea-India CEPA
[6 Jul] PATENT (Registration No. :1015360800000) [Steel plate bending apparatus]
[15 Aug] Expanded & Moved to a New Factory
2016 [15 Mar] PATENT (Registration No. :101605265) [Home Appliance’ metal sheet transferring system and its frame manufacturing system
[07 Jun] PATENT (Registration No. :101630121) [Metal Sheet Bending Machine]
2017 [15 Apr] AEO[Authorized Economic Operator] acquired from the Office of Customs administration