Washer Cabinet Bending&Caulking Line


    This is the Washing Machine Wrapper Forming Line. Sheet provided is the Coil or CTL. In case of Coil Sheet provided, it passes through the Uncoiler, Leveller but in case that using CTL sheet, then Auto Sheet Loading Station will be used. Transfer System moves the Sheet into 3~4 Steps of Press by Loading/Unloading and each press conducts the appropriate Forming process as requires. After that, the Sheet will be Unloaded through the Conveyor onto the Auto Stacking System or through the manpower for next process. Press type is selected by customers’ preference between Hydraulic Press and Mechanical Press. Also this line is designed considering Safety Device of Press and Transfers so that operator can get as much safety for them as we can provide. Also, using Electric Control System controls the Auto Loading & Unloading between Presses.
    Also, for proper correspond for each variable shape of Models, if required, it can utilize the QDC for easiness of DIE Change.
    This is the Washing Machine Top Loader Out Cabinet Wrapper Bending & Clinching Line which is the Full Auto System and consists of Auto Sheet Station, 4 (or L/U) Bending Station, Rear Side Top/Bottom Plate Clinching, Corner Bracket Clinching, Lower Base Clinching & Auto Unloading Station as well as its relevant Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Servo Control System etc.
    As per the level of Automation, Full Auto Line can be achieved by utilizing the Parts Feeder or customer can man proper number of Manpower so as to feed small size parts by Manual way. It is available to customize as per the customers’ production plan.


Item Description
Tact Time 9 Sec ~ (Possible to apply for User’s requirements)
Model Mixing Model Mixing Possible
Applicable Model Please refer to the right side.
Material to be possible to apply For the material of PCM and SUS, required to manufacture the separate mold
due to Spring Back Effect.
Model Exchange Automatic
How to operate Touch Screen Operation
Line Flow Direction Left->Right (To meet Customers’ needs)
Power Specification Possible to change and apply (As per the users' requirements)
Benefit Possible to produce various product
Shipment 4~ 5 Months (FOB Busan, Korea)